View From the Top

Elizabeth Taylor has just landed her dream job as junior associate at New York City’s largest and most elite law firm. Situated on the top floor of a Manhattan skyrise, it’s everything this Southern girl could want. She’s determined to prove herself, but when Lizzy meets managing partner, Darcy Hammond during orientation, her focus begins to shift to her undeniable attraction. Soon, Lizzy is actively flirting and much to her surprise, Darcy flirts back. No matter, nothing ever came from a little harmless flirting . . . right?

 Darcy Hammond is strictly business. She doesn’t have time for distractions, no matter how good they may look in a pencil skirt. As the firm's youngest and only female managing partner, she has both hands full. But when Lizzy catches her eye, Darcy goes against her better judgment and puts her on as co-counsel for a huge upcoming trial.

 As the line between business and pleasure blurs, the jury is out on whether getting up close and personal will lead to the love of a lifetime, or career disaster.

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"I loved the chemistry, the characters, the NYC backdrop… I loved literally everything about this book. It was funny, it was hot/spicy, it was cute and fluffy, it was angsty… this book had me rooting for our MCs the whole time and the ending did not disappoint!"

"My first book by Morgan Adam's was a delightful read. The angst was well done as well it was resolved timely and fulfilling. I enjoyed the instantaneous chemistry between the MCs. The story had a great plot. The book kept me intrigued from the beginning. I appreciated the low interactions between the secondary characters, it allowed the MCs allowed to shine. I will continue to follow this author."

"This book just has everything you want, it has light angst, it's got spice, it's got friendship, its got humour and more than anything it has love! This storyline is easy to read, and I loved the dynamics between all of the characters. You love some, and you dislike some. Side note, Darcy Hammond will forever live rent-free in my head and heart 🫠💕 I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have read in a while, and I absolutely 100% highly recommend this book. Thank you, Morgan, for writing this incredible book and giving the world's Darcy and Elizabeth ♥️"

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